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Southern Utah University Art Insights Lecture


Last Wednesday, I traveled to Cedar City, Utah. Southern Utah University asked me to be a speaker for their Art Insights program. 
My wife, Jeanne, joined me and helped me with the Wet Plate Collodion demonstrations during the day. And Thursday night, she had to listen to another 45-minute talk about my work and process (thank you, Jeanne!).
It’s always a huge honor for me to do these kinds of things. I’m both encouraged and humbled by the response and comments from people.
Southern Utah University has a beautiful campus and I was surprised how nice Cedar City, Utah is – I’d never been there before – gorgeous views of the land and bright blue skies. The students and faculty were very kind and seemed to enjoy what they saw and heard from me. 
They had me give my lecture in the Great Hall. The references to Harry Potter they made about the space were spot-on. It’s big, elegant and holds a lot of people. I’m not sure how many people were there, but it was full (200+?). 
I’m always amazed that people come out to hear (and see) someone like me when they could be doing a thousand other things. It’s very humbling to me. I always try to be as sincere and honest (authentic) as I can be when talking about my work and my intent for the work. I think that most people want to listen about (and see) work that’s authentic and not gimmicky or made for consumption (shocking, crude, etc.). That’s what I try to give them – honest and real – like the people I photograph.
We would like to say, “THANK YOU!” to Deb and Harold Snider for hosting us in their beautiful home and for all of their wonderful hospitality.
Thanks to Jeremias Paul and Rheana Gardner from the photography department – I appreciated all the help and encouragement. I look forward to working with you again. And I would like to give a big thanks to all of the students of SUU and the general public that attended my “performative lecture” (Wet Plate Collodion demonstrations) and/or my Great Hall lecture. 
All photos by Jeremias Paul and Harold Snider (thank you!)

The Southern Utah University Photo Group! Half Plate Black Glass Ambrotype by Quinn JacobsonHarold watches as I flow the plate with Collodion - his image.Harold's Half Plate Alumitype in the wash pan.Jamie's in the sitter's seat and waits as I explain what I'm going to do. Getting ready to make a Half Plate Clear Glass Ambrotype.Fresh out of the wash - against my black t-shirt, I show the group how thin negatives appear as positives against black.Jeremais shot this - I love the shadow of the image!Kallie (forgive me if I spelled that wrong) sits for her portrait - the texture of her hair looked very cool!Do you see what I mean?Getting her "dialed in" as Jeremias makes a crack about Muybridge ;-)My brother in the blues, Steven Swift, sits for his portrait. (http://www.stevenswift.com/)Steven on metal!A closer look - Steven.This was the test plate to start the day. It's a portrait of Rheana.The Bunny Girl's work, Jamie - I was asked to look at some of the students work. Jamie's work had Gummo written all over it - she's from Ohio, too!