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Wet Plate Collodion Negatives - October 2011

Robert shows off his beautiful Albumen print - printing out in the contact printer!It always feels like good things end too soon. The Wet Plate Collodion Negative Making workshop was one of those good things ending too soon.

 I had a great group of people in my studio for the last three days. Doug Winter, Kathryn Mayo Winter, Robert Krawiec, Kyleigh Morgan (assisting) and Jeanne; they truly impressed me with their ability, passion and excitement. If you wanted to be surrounded by motivated and encouraging people, this group would rank high for those attributes. A big “thank you” to everyone! Jeanne kept us fed and made sure things ran smoothly - thank you!!!

Negative making is a fussy, unpredictable endeavor. It takes awhile to feel comfortable with it and “get the rhythm down.” However, once you do, it’s very rewarding.

The group I had here was incredible. Not only did they get it going, they got the mojo going fast! Almost every plate and every print was a success. And they were even doing some beautiful, creative portraiture work. It was very enjoyable for me to assist and watch the magic happen. There were tears and Goosebumps from this beautiful process. I don’t understand why more people aren’t working in this process!

We started on Saturday with introductions and conversation about art, life and the Wet Plate Collodion world. Saturday afternoon I demonstrated how to make a negative, redevelop it and then made a Salt and Albumen print from it. I showed them how to make Negative Collodion and Negative Developer and we talked, at length about chemistry. At the end of the day, they prepared glass (Half Plates) for Sunday.

Sunday was a great day. They all made Negatives, portraits of Kyleigh. I could see they were going to have some really beautiful prints.

And yesterday, Monday, we made Salt paper and Albumen paper and printed like crazy! Really impressive stuff! Remember, these guys had never made a Wet Plate Collodion Negative before or printed one on Salt or Albumen. How could you not be impressed? I hope to see them all again real soon!


Lef to right, Quinn, Jeanne, Kyleigh, Robert, Kathryn, and Doug.Some of the Salt and Albumen prints made from thier negatives! Impressive work!!

One of Kathryn's prints - toned Salt print - unwaxed. 

 One of Doug's prints. Toned Salt print - I apologize for the digital replication - the prints are really gorgeous in your hand!

One of Robert's prints - toned Albumen - Half Plate.

One of Kathryn's prints "printing out".

Doug dries one of his Wet Plate Collodion Negatives down while Kathryn takes a photo with her iPhone.