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New Tastes & Smells

I started "in-processing" today. I have to attend briefings, fill out paper work and watch Power-Point presentations. This will go on all week.

Jean and I just got back from visiting the housing department. We are scheduled to look at a house in Rheinau, Germany. It's 225 square meters, 6 bedrooms, apartment upstairs, fenced yard, terrace, etc. We'll see what happens. We're also second in line for a nice place near Grunstadt. I would prefer that area.

I got to video conference with my friend Caron last night. It was very enjoyable, technology is great! I hope we can do that more often!!

What a wunderbar dinner!! This is what I love (at least one of them). We had a little zin before dinner but these Wiener Wurstchen were the tastiest (a bit salty cooked in Olive Oil) with the Kohl!! There was a nice (dijon like) mustard and dill cream! The (peach) yogurt for desert was the creamiest and best I've ever had!! What can I say? The hits just keep on coming. Now if I can get some sleep tonight!!

Guten Nach!


The Big Move

I'm moving to Europe in July.

My goal is to use this space as a journal and document my thoughts, activities and experience through images and text.

I'm also entering my fourth semester of graduate school at Goddard College. I hope my advisor can visit and make comments on this blog during the semester.