The Studio Q Show LIVE March 7 @1000 MST

We are going to share some work next time on The Studio Q Show LIVE!

Join us if you can: March 7, 2015 @ 1000 MST - 




The China Trip: 2014 Video

Here is a seven minute video I put together about my trip to China. I was invited there to open a branch of The Collodion Collective. It was a wonderful time! So beautiful and the people were amazing. I hope top return later this year. 



Three Exhibitions, Three Continents

This is really amazing. It's like one those heavenly events where a comet passes by earth and you can see it. But it only happens every 1000 years. I've got one of those comet shows going on right now. 

I'm in THREE SHOWS: Loft Photo in Brussels, Belgium, Loft 49 in Hangzhou, China, and UNC Mariana Gallery in Greeley, Colorado. Three Shows: Three Continents! Will it ever happen again??? 


These are from the Hangzhou, China show. You can see my diptych of "The Crucified Fisherman" in the show. Very nice exhibition! They all are!! Thank you to everyone that's supported all of this! I greatly appreciate it!!

A viewer taking a snap of "The Crucified Fisherman" The beautiful graphic!!And you're in the gallery!


China Day 6 - November 30

Today we opened the Collodion Collective in China. The ceremony was held at the China Art Academy. The academy has 10,000 students, one of the best in China. It was an elaborate ceremony, too. There were hundreds in attendance.

After the ceremony there was a public round table discussion about wet collodion both historically and in the contemporary context.

Tomorrow is my keynote speech - I'm slotted for two hours. I'm excited to tell the Chinese my story.


China Day 5 - November 29 2014

I have a busy day today. The workshop has ended and we are entering the conference phase - seminars, round tables and lectures all about wet collodion.