China Day 6 - November 30

Today we opened the Collodion Collective in China. The ceremony was held at the China Art Academy. The academy has 10,000 students, one of the best in China. It was an elaborate ceremony, too. There were hundreds in attendance.

After the ceremony there was a public round table discussion about wet collodion both historically and in the contemporary context.

Tomorrow is my keynote speech - I'm slotted for two hours. I'm excited to tell the Chinese my story.


China Day 5 - November 29 2014

I have a busy day today. The workshop has ended and we are entering the conference phase - seminars, round tables and lectures all about wet collodion.


China Day 4 - November 28 2014

Greetings from the east! We are in the last day of the workshop and working hard to make plates for the exhibition in two days at the academy of art in Hangzhou.
It's been a wonderful workshop and every afternoon we are out poking around the old city. Amazing. All I want to do is make photographs. I can't say enough about how wonderful this place is to Western eyes.


China Day 2 - November 26,2014

We walked around the old part of Hangzhou today. Words fail me. The photos do some justice but can't come close to the experience.
We are supposed to go back today with a wet collodion camera so I can make some portraits there - exiting!!!


China Day 1 - November 25, 2014


Since ALL social media is banned here in China and I don't want to mess around with VPN software, we're going to send an email a day to the people on our "interested" list. If you do not want to receive these, please let me know and I'll take you off of the list. No problem.

In a word, China is amazing. I know it sounds trite and cliche but it's true. I would encourage anyone that's adventurous and can handle long hours in an airplane to visit. We are lucky, we have people here that are taking great care of us.

Above are some photos from today.