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My Third Day In Germany

It's my third day in Germany and I am captivated and disoriented.

I need to document these feelings so they are always available to me. I know in time, this will become familiar and I need to be able to speak to the experiences (intimately) that our family and friends will experience the first few days, weeks or months here. I NEVER want to forget these feelings and emotions. I am alive again!

We are living in an apartment/hotel on Gorxheimer StraBe #7. It's right on the border of Mannheim near Ben Franklin Village, a U.S. military post.

Quinn in Mannheim on a very hot summer day.

It's so different here. Far from what I am familiar with. I find myself pondering the smallest things. The smells, sights, sounds, everything. It feels very different. If you find yourself bored and lamenting your life in your familiar rut, in other words if you are "rutified", move to a different country. Your senses will awaken and you will feel alive again, I guarantee it!

Nahrung: We went grocery shopping yesterday and we went up and down every aisle wondering what 90%+ of the products were. I have never seen so much sausage (no, not that kind of sausage) and pork products. Pork/ham products are called "Schinken" - there are more varieties than you can count. It sounds stereotypical, but it's true, Germans love their Schinken und Bier!
Quinn and Jeanne, July 23, 2006 - Mannheim, Geramny

Bier: Don't get me started! For a beer drinker, this is heaven. Very, very good beer that is very, very inexpensive. I can't believe I've been drinking that shite from Utah (well, I really haven't that much, but in theory I had no choice if I wanted a beer). It's no surprise to me that Germans can, and will, enjoy a Bier most anytime, day or night.

Wein: This was surprising to me too. I didn't expect the variety and quality of wine here. Again, very good and very inexpensive. We've been having Wein und Bier mit Abendessen every night.

Kaffee: The most tastiest, yummiest stuff I've had (well at least very similar to the Dutch coffee I love so very much). We bought a brand called "Jacobs" appropriate, no? It's strong, but very drinkable and wires you up nicely. I recently gave up coffee drinking but couldn't resist here. Europeans love their Kaffee in the morning and Wein und Bier at meals. As they say, "When in Rome..."

Milch: A new experience. I love this stuff! It's heated to a very high temp for a long time and it doesn't need to be refrigerated. It lasts for months! It's rich and creamy too. Great on cereal or in Kaffee! A popular Kaffee Creamer here is also very good and is fridge-free.
Milch, yummy, yummy milch.

I'm going to keep these posts short and sharp as possible. I'll post images with them and pick some highlights of the day.