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Polishing & Buffing Silver Plates

Tools for the final preparation of the silver plate for Daguerreotypy:


The polishing "arm" or "stick" and final buffing "paddle" sitting on the vise that holds the plate.


Copper Plate Preparation

I am going to publish a series of posts about the Daguerreotype equipment that René Smets of Lummen, Belgium built for me.

All of this equipment is all based on his design and his work. Of course, I told him what I wanted and customized it where I could. And I gave feedback throughout the project, but the credit goes to René.

All material is copyright © 2010 Studio Q - Quinn Jacobson Photography and René Smets.


The plan showing how the Copper Polishing Vise will be used.

 Copper Plate Vise - this is an important piece of equipment. The surface of the copper plate dictates, to a large extent, the quality of surface that you will have on the silver plate.

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