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Conscientious Objector

I've had enough. I'm sick of it. And I refuse to participate. I don't care what anyone thinks about me saying that either. Call me what you will for not participating in mass consumption, for any "holiday", but especially this one.

Drunk Santa! It's hard for me to see the value (i.e. showing love) in spending money that you don't have on gifts that people don't want. Or even worse, sending cards to people "because it's that time of year." I loathe that, I really do!

It's a scam to make super-consumers out of everyone. To rob us of our dignity and shame us with empty, meaningless stuff. We know better!

If people really cared for one another, we wouldn't be in (pick a mess, any mess) the mess we're in today. Period. And we want to indoctrinate our children with this? Come on! They're already facing a very uncertain future. Why do we want to burden them with this? And don't say it's fun and joyful, it's not, we all know that.

Where are the friendships, family love, and empathy in March or April or when people really need it? Where are the gifts given in conversation and in listening to one another about individual interests or ideas? Why can't we give those kinds of things throughout the year?

I would much rather have a meaningful conversation with someone than receive material "stuff" from them. I would prefer one minute of real conversation over a thousand hours of fake "weather conversation" and forced dinners with people I don't even really know. But we all do it, don't we? We know it's wrong and meaningless, but we do it anyway. Why? Why not be honest and real? What's so shameful or embarrassing about being who we are? I don't get it?

Think about all of the parents that don't really even know their (adult) children. Siblings that are clueless about one another (as in really knowing one another). I tried to communicate to my mother about who I am and what I believe is important in my life before she died. And I continue to talk to my father about it too. It's not easy.

Even here in Europe, the consumer craze in catching on. Germans love their Weinnacht Markts and hot Glühwein (puke). You can see the American influence to consume creeping in and taking over. How long will they last?

I was walking through Real the other day and saw a copy of Bild. It had some German guy on the front page talking about how Hitler was a nice guy. I bought it so I could read that article and saw this ad in it. The Santa drinking an Erdinger (which is good beer) reminded me of how I felt about this time of year. That's why I went on this rant.

Having said all of that, it doesn't mean that I don't love you and miss you, I do. That's why I said all of this, I want to show my love and appreciation in a different and new way. Do you want to join me?


Prague (Praha), Czech Republic (Bohemia)

The Jacobsons in Prague (Praha), Czech Republic (Bohemia) February 2007



Jean, Summer and Quinn at the 13th Century Charles Bridge in Prague.


Summer and Quinn in the Metro in the heart of Prague. You go down many layers in the earth to get to the Green line. It reminded me of the "Journey to the Middle of the Earth" - we kept going down and down. Very steep and fast escalators too. Unlike any Metro we've been on, including Paris, London and New York City.


Jean and Quinn enjoying a 1L Czech Beer called Pilsner Urquell made in Plzen, Czech Republic (we drove through it). These were $3 USD each! All you need is one!


The famous Charles Bridge (and Prague Castle in the background). Built in the 13th Century (Gothic) by the Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV. Gorgeous and looong! Kitsch booths setup all along it with people trying to peddle their fake tourist-art. And it was packed with people! I can't imagine this place in July! It serves a function, it connects Old Town with Mala Strana.

A Quick Overview of the Week

We spent the last week in Prague (Praha), Czech Republic. It was gorgeous! It's old, beautiful and full of art and history. It blew my mind. As an artist, and a human being, Prague is one of my favorite places so far.

We spent a lot of time in the Jewish Quarter (the ghetto) and went into the old synagogues - the Spanish Synogogue and the Maisel Synagogue. Again, beautiful and full of both incredible and disturbing history. Kafka, The Golem, Charles Bridge, Old Town Square on and on.

The weather was nice too. We went on the Metro, the bus, walked until our legs hurt everyday and then walked some more. It was great fun and we even learned a lot!

Some More Photos

Jean on the Charles Bridge in front of one of the many statues that adorn the bridge. Very beautiful (and large) pieces of art.


A musician in Old Town Square.


Photos & Beer

Less than a 10 minute walk from our hotel is the Rhine Neckar Zentrum. A huge mall-like area with everything fruit and meat stores to shoe stores. They had an exhibit going from the World Photo Press. It was amazing! How lucky am I to be living in a place where this is so common? I feel very blessed!
Some of the most moving images for me were these from a Dutch photographer, Martin Roemers. He did a story on soldiers and people from WWII in Europe (David's idea, a great one!). Beautiful, powerful images!

My new favorite beer. While in the Rhine Neckar Zentrum, we checked out a resturant called, "Le Buffet." We had an excellent meal and I found a dunkel hefe bier (dark) from Paulaner. Excellent!! (But can you find a bad beer in Germany??)