Luxembourg City

We're In Luxembourg City, Luxemborg (Yes, the country)


We drove 2 hours this morning to Luxembourg City. We have a hotel here for the night (60 Euros) and will make a trip into Trier Germany (the oldest city in Germany 2000 years old +) tomorrow to see the Roman baths and look for Jean's long long relatives, the Wellers.

Today, we will bum around the city and look for books and art. We are sitting in the Cafe Francais right now as I blog and shoot the photos.

We'll send an update tomorrow from Trier.


Prague (Praha), Czech Republic (Bohemia)

The Jacobsons in Prague (Praha), Czech Republic (Bohemia) February 2007



Jean, Summer and Quinn at the 13th Century Charles Bridge in Prague.


Summer and Quinn in the Metro in the heart of Prague. You go down many layers in the earth to get to the Green line. It reminded me of the "Journey to the Middle of the Earth" - we kept going down and down. Very steep and fast escalators too. Unlike any Metro we've been on, including Paris, London and New York City.


Jean and Quinn enjoying a 1L Czech Beer called Pilsner Urquell made in Plzen, Czech Republic (we drove through it). These were $3 USD each! All you need is one!


The famous Charles Bridge (and Prague Castle in the background). Built in the 13th Century (Gothic) by the Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV. Gorgeous and looong! Kitsch booths setup all along it with people trying to peddle their fake tourist-art. And it was packed with people! I can't imagine this place in July! It serves a function, it connects Old Town with Mala Strana.

A Quick Overview of the Week

We spent the last week in Prague (Praha), Czech Republic. It was gorgeous! It's old, beautiful and full of art and history. It blew my mind. As an artist, and a human being, Prague is one of my favorite places so far.

We spent a lot of time in the Jewish Quarter (the ghetto) and went into the old synagogues - the Spanish Synogogue and the Maisel Synagogue. Again, beautiful and full of both incredible and disturbing history. Kafka, The Golem, Charles Bridge, Old Town Square on and on.

The weather was nice too. We went on the Metro, the bus, walked until our legs hurt everyday and then walked some more. It was great fun and we even learned a lot!

Some More Photos

Jean on the Charles Bridge in front of one of the many statues that adorn the bridge. Very beautiful (and large) pieces of art.


A musician in Old Town Square.


Final Semester of Graduate School!

Final Semester of Graduate School!

-4F, Plainfield, Vermont. I am completing my final semester of graduate school (MFA-IA) at Goddard College.

I attended (my fourth time) graduation ceremony yesterday. I have a good friend that graduated - it was a beautiful and intimate ceremony. That's what I really like about Goddard, it's not an "ivory tower" university where you are simply a "number" or "blade of grass" - you are truly recognized and valued as a human being and artist. - Ich mag das!!!

Seat 2A

Seat 2A

Headed to New York City (and then Burlington, Vermont) from Frankfurt, Germany. My final (G5) semester of graduate school. I will have my MFA in July!!

2006 Volkswagon Passat

2006 Volkswagon Passat

It's been a while since I've made an entry here. We've been busy. My fourth semester of graduate school is over (it went wonderfully) and we are settling into our lives here.

Here's the view from my window at work (minus the bars on the window). That's our car, VW Passat. Yes, I'm parking on the grass. The road to our building is being completed and we can't get to the parking lot. Anyway, It's fun to fly down the autobahn in that baby!