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Homestead Work - June, 2018 - Chainsaw Action!

This is the view from the "South Meadow" of our property. Such a beautiful place! This is about 9000 feet above sea level.
This is looking west-southwest, toward Guffey, Colorado. Way in the distance, you can see Saddle Mountain (beyond the
standing dead tree, that happens to be our property line on the south side). 


You look at a couple of blog entries in the past, you'll see that a tree was blown over and hit our trailer. We took care of that
problem this morning. Nothing that a nice Stihl chainsaw won't fix!! The tree is now several pieces of firewood and maybe
some seats for the fire!


We loaded 2 four foot pieces of the Ponderosa Pine for our neighbor - they're going to make flower planters out of them.
I grabbed two pieces for my anvils; I have a Roco 100 pound anvil and a small 50 pound that needed stands. These work great!