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Homestead Work - May 2018

It's amazing to think that it's May of 2018! Not sure where the time is going, but it's going fast. I see the need to tighten up a bit and get the big things in place for our homestead build. 

We've acccomplished the things we needed to these first few months; now, we need to get serious about the following: 

1) Build an "Outhouse". Why would we do this? There are several reasons; for people staying with us (camping/glamping), any workers or outside contractors, and for ourselves (although we have our trailer). We don't want to use the black water system in the trailer, I don't want to haul the trailer to a dump site every few months. Our outhouse will be a compost toilet; low maintenance and very permaculture-ish! 

2) Build a "Wellhouse". We have our well in, but we need to build a small (4'x8') enclousure for security, 55 gallon HDPE water barrel, and an outdoor shower. Basically, this is just a small shed that covers our well and allows us to add a simple way to retrieve water, take a shower, or use an outdoor sink. 

3) Finish fencing. We have about 800 feet of fence to put in. We have the pull post and corner posts set in concrete and are placed at our property pins. This will be completed sometime in the fall. 

We were on the homestead yesterday and when we pulled in, we saw this! 

Not much damage, it could have been worse! I need to get my chainsaw in here and remove these standing dead trees. 12 acres and I pu the trailer where a tree falls on it!!


Ponderosa Pine starting to make cones! We have pinon pine on the homestead, too! Tasty pine nuts! 

Almost 10 gallons a minute! We are still running the well system to clear it (murky water from the drilling sediment) - it can take several days to clear a well. Other than that, we are clear on tests and good to go! This is where we're building the first little structure (cover the well site).